Bound To Me (The Consumed Series Book 3)

He shattered my world.

His good looks and charm drew me in, and once he discovered my vulnerabilities, he exploited them mercilessly. Despite knowing he was toxic, I fell under his spell, yearning for a sense of belonging.

Four years later, I finally found someone who treated me with the love and respect I deserved. But my tormentor clawed his...

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Die For Me (The Consumed Series Book 2)

Before that fateful day in February, I thought I had life all figured out. I thought I would hate him for what he had done to me. But I didn’t. I loved him more than I ever thought possible. Maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome. Or maybe it was the realization that I needed him more than I thought I ever would. I knew I could never leave because I...

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Don’t Leave Me (The Consumed Series Book 1)

I wasn’t sure how I got into the mess I made with Michael and Jack. I never wanted anyone to get hurt. I never expected to break anyone’s heart. The fear of losing either of them in any way tore my stomach into knots. 

And then it all happened so quickly: I was engaged, in a new apartment, and my life was about to change forever.

As for him…...

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