Frequently Asked Questions

What are the trigger warnings in Don’t Leave Me?

talk of suicide, talk of self-harm, depressive episodes, manic episodes, kidnapping, *cheating, sexual abuse, physical abuse, noncon, dubcon, bdsm/kink. Don’t Leave Me is not a guide to BDSM and should not be used as one.

*it was brought to my attention that cheating should be added to the TWs, however the MC believes that they are not in a relationship at the time; some people may perceive it as cheating/be triggered.

What are the trigger & content warnings in Die For Me? (slight spoilers below)

graphic sexual scenes, double penetration, MFM, squirting, self-harm, physical abuse, stalking, birth control tampering, pregnancy, degradation, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt, abortion (off page), kidnapping, edging, breath play, spitting, noncon, dubcon, forced orgasm, restraints/captivity, somno, threats of violence, impact play, choking, nonconsensual scarification.